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Vi gratulerer Brenda – og med henne hele Gabriellasenteret for deres enorme innsats

Oppdatert: 11. jun.

I begeistringens rus – dette må være verdt et eget innlegg. 

Nå snakker vi ikke Tanzania, men hele Afrika. Brenda er i dag, sammen med 24 andre kvinnelige ledere på dette store kontinentet blitt sett og valgt ut for sitt pionerarbeid. 

WIMA – Woman In Management Afrika 2024 har latt seg imponere av hennes innsats på Gabriellasenteret. For nye lesere: Brenda er Gabriellasenteret pioner og daglige leder.

Vi tillater oss å publisere juryens begrunnelse for sitt valg av Brenda – om noen skulle være interessert i å lese.

Women In Management Afrika 2024

Brenda Deborah Shuma is a distinguished figure in the realm of pediatric occupational therapy in Tanzania, boasting over two decades of experience dedicated to the betterment of children's lives, particularly those with autism and developmental disorders. Serving as a Senior Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Brenda plays a pivotal role in delivering crucial services for children with special needs. 

Beyond her therapy sessions, Brenda stands as the co-founder of the @gabriella_rehab_centre, a groundbreaking institution spearheading service provision for children with autism and developmental disorders in Tanzania. Her commitment to these children is evident not only in her therapeutic interventions but also in her efforts to establish a center that addresses their unique needs comprehensively. 

Brenda's involvement in various professional organizations underscores her passion for advancing occupational therapy. She has held leadership positions in the Tanzania Occupational Therapists Association (TOTA) and served as the Vice Chairperson for the Occupational Therapists Africa Regional Group (OTARG). She also actively participates in conferences worldwide, such as the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) congress and the International Conference on Autism and Neural Developmental Disorders (ICAN). 

In her extensive career, Brenda has conducted impactful research, including studies on therapeutic programs' acceptance, wheelchair accessibility, and the inclusion of children with disabilities in special education units. 

As a part-time Tutor at the School of Occupational Therapy- KCMUC since 2005, Brenda shares her knowledge and passion for occupational therapy with the next generation of professionals.

Internationally recognized for her profound contributions, Brenda has received the esteemed Child 10 Award, a testament to her significant impact on child protection. This accolade underscores her dedication to advocating for and enhancing the well-being of children, solidifying Brenda Deborah Shuma's position as a leading force in the advancement of pediatric occupational therapy in Tanzania and beyond.

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